Bosi's PIC

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Terms and Conditions

All menu requests will be processed and responded to within 24 hours.

Your order will be prepared after your request and payment has been received, approved and confirmed. You will receive two confirmation emails: one automatic confirmation of menu request and two confirming your payment and order. Please note your order will be prepared only after payment confirmation. 

Dishes may contain nuts. Please notify Bosi's PIC about dietary restrictions. Bosi's PIC is not liable for any complication from the consumption of our products.

Bosi's PIC has the right to deny a menu request without giving reasons.

All food is prepared according to applicable food codes and standards in Germany.

The food can be picked up at 6 or 7 pm on the date of delivery. 

Cancellations of all orders have to be issued at least 48 hours before date of delivery. Failing which the payment will not be returned.